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Awards and Trophies


Over the years that the Festival has taken place many benefactors have contributed trophies. Each trophy is awarded either to the winner of a single class or overall winner of a small set of related classes. The Anne Abbott Trophy is awarded for the best performance of the Festival as judged by the adjudicator (to find out more see the relevant section on the Home Page). The trophies are awarded at the Trophy Winners Concert at the end of the Festival and held for a year, after which their return is requested by the organisers.

Visit the reports in the Archive section to see lists of recent trophy winners.

We politely request winners to keep the trophies safe from damage and to return them in a suitable state for presentation to the next winners. It is with some sadness that we must report that, although this is done in the majority of cases, some trophies are returned needing extensive cleaning and, occasionally, repair.

Since 2009 it has been the practice to give small awards to the winners of beginners classes.


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