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Child Protection Policy

The majority of performers in the Festival are minors.

The protection of children and vulnerable adults is taken very seriously: the most recent comprehensive statement of the policy can be seen HERE.

All performers under the age of 18 as well as vulnerable adults of any age must be supervised by a parent, guardian or carer. Where parent, guardian or carer does not attend the Festival in person, it is their responsibility to be satisfied that either a suitable proxy is present to act on their behalf or that the child/vulnerable adult is able to attend unaccompanied.

Privacy Policy

In conformance with the General Data Protection Regulation the PrivactPolicy of Grantham Music Festival can be seen HERE.

Photography Policy

We recognise the need to safeguard the children and young people taking part in the Grantham
Music Festival. We will only permit official images of children and young people present at our Festival to be taken with the consent of the responsible parents/carers/guardians concerned.

If you DO NOT wish photographs of your child to be taken by the Festival’s official photographers, please make this known to the Festival staff either prior to the Festival or upon arrival for your class.

No unauthorised photography, audio or video recording is allowed at our Festival.

The most recent comprehensive statement of the policy can be seen HERE.

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