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Syllabus and Classes


A Syllabus, including an entry form, is published in the October prior to the Festival. The Syllabus lists all classes being offered in the forthcoming Festival and gives entry fees, rules of entry and information about the adjudicator, trophies and other awards.

Paper copies of the syllabus can be obtained (go to 'Links' on Home Page for further details about outlets). Alternatively, the syllabus, once published, can be downloaded from this site. In general, entries must be submitted using a paper form plus cheque but an online entry option is available for music teachers who have registered as Friends of the Festival.

The deadline for entries is set around mid-to-late January and is strictly enforced.


The Festival includes a special session for Primary Schools - The Primary Schools Music Making. Normally an opportunity for controlled mayhem, this is always a great favourite with children, teachers and organisers.

The remaining sessions of the Festival consist of classes, broadly divided into instrumental and vocal. Most classes are classified according to instrument and age but some are open to any entrant and some involve combinations of instruments and/or voices. 'Set Piece' classes were included in the Festival up till 2009; since then all performances have been 'Own Choice'.

Click HERE to download the 2019 Syllabus.

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