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The Grantham Music Festival is an annual event in which musicians in the town can perform in a friendly environment but in competition with their peers and in front of an expert adjudicator. Ages range from earliest school-age to senior citizens. Classes for all types of instrument and vocal style are normally offered and performers may be soloists, ensembles, orchestras or choirs. Unlike some other Performing Arts Festivals, the Grantham Festival does not include spoken word or dance.


The ability to sing or play an instrument is a great asset which becomes a source of enjoyment, not only to the performer but also to the listeners, when that ability is used in public performance. The Grantham Music Festival seeks to cultivate and enhance both musical and performance skills by allowing the musician(s) to perform in a class suited to the instrument or voice and level of expertise. Our aim is to bring out the best from a performance by setting it in a competitive context but also to give constructive advice on musicianship and performance skills using experienced Festival adjudicators.


The Festival normally takes place around the middle of March. Its duration depends on the number of performers who have entered but would normally go from a Monday through to Saturday with the Trophy Winners Concert on the following Saturday evening.

In 2013, 2014 and 2015 'October Concerts' were held to launch the next Syllabus and raise funds. These also provided an opportunity to enjoy performances from trophy winners unable to be present at the March Concert and 'Festival alumni' who have continued their musical careers into adult life.


Most of the classes, as well as the Primary Schools Music Making and Trophy Winners Concert, take place in the main church or rear hall of ChristChurch on Finkin Street (just off the High Street opposite the George Centre - see photos below). A few classes are sometimes hosted by secondary schools in the town

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